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Ne dites pas non, vous avez souri

(Do not refuse, you have just smiled)


Echoes of the jungleJazz music is central in every creation of our company. Written or improvised, it mixes up with academic or traditionnal musics.

Every show aims for music innovation in its writting and its concept. By inviting other forms of art, it opens to a wider audience.

Our artists wish to surprise their audience. They are always looking for new poetic languages and are inspired by meeting people and other artists.

The company was created in 2016 by Simon Deslandes. It gathers the different projects he created. As an adventurous musician and composer, Simon is always looking to explore improvised music and new jazz styles. For 15 years, he has played in multidisciplinary creations, always questionning the frontiers between music, circus, dance, theater or visual arts.

Simon implication in the stage performances colors his compositions with a peculiar tone. In a perpetual movement, he has kept the same artistic goal : to bring the jazz in new territories, to shake it and make it shine in today’s scene.

Through meetings with other artists, the first creations of the company, Le Cri des Insectes (The Insects scream) and Le cri des minuscules (The tiny ones scream) were created in 2017 and 2018. After these two projects, mixing music and visual art, the company started a new creation cycle. In 2020 and 2021 were created Periph.Fluide and the Brame de Zephyr quintet.

The latest project was created in February 2023 and is called Echoes of the Jungle. The show proposes a dialogue between music and dance. The company also developped a smaller version of that show, consisting of a trio playing the music of the original performance.

In addition to the shows, our artists are concerned with sharing their creative process, by placing it to everyone’s reach. This essential value is caracterised by actions oriented to sensibilised the audience to that music, whether it is before or after a show, during a creation residency or for a dedicated event.


Echoes of the Jungle Trio

In August 2024, the company will travel through Europe for its first international tour with the project Echoes of the Jungle Trio. We will travel and perform in France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.


The show :

Echoes of the Jungle Trio reviews with mischief the Duke Ellington Big Band repertoire from the 20’s-30’s.

The three musicians playfully transpose this orchestral music for a tiny acoustic band, to develop a raw, free and generous sound. Wild improvisations, harebrained groove and clever arrangements mixes up to create some kind of imaginary Blues.

Some rares tunes or more popular themes from the « jungle » period are played loud and clear or subtly whispered. Between rythmic transe, floating moments and mischievous surprises, the audience dives into the communicative energy of that suspended time where the great Duke soul is always around.


Echoes of the jungle Trio

The musical trio of Simon Deslandes / Samuel Frin / Nicolas Lelièvre was born in 2018 after some improvisation sessions set to regroup the three musicians, who had played together on differents occasions for a few years.Quickly, a singular sound appeared. The listening quality and the spontaneousness of the trio build the core of the band. They develop a new will : to evolve as a small acoustic band, without any effects, to create a raw, free and generous sound. At that time, the music is fully improvised, without any composition, even if it allows instants of groove, simple melodies, to build a sort of imaginary Blues.

The trio decide to choose an artistic color to their work in exploring the 20’s-30’s big band repertoire. They focus on the work of the « master » Duke Ellington, one of the very first renowned jazz composer whose influence extended to the whole world

To conclude, Echoes of the Jungle Trio is a project thought to offer a new reading of this musical tradition. A reading cleverly and preciously modernised by the contemporary trio



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